Following the  right path
Following the right path

Wow, I can’t believe another month is nearly over. The last few chapters of my novel seems to be taking forever to edit.

This is because I want it to be right. I didn’t want to do it, but I’ve added another chapter.

Yes, I know it’s the final hour.

And you think its a good idea to add another chapter so late in the day?

Yes, I do!

What I hate most as a reader is to find that the writer has rushed the ending.  As though they’ve had enough of writing the book, or maybe they were even getting a little bored with it, and just wanted to see the back of it. 😦

There you are, as a reader getting into the flow, enjoying the book. You are in step with the main character. You can almost hear them breathing as you follow in their wake. It’s the best book you’ve read for ages and you can’t put it down.  You’re happy with the heroine and sad with the hero. You are fighting every battle, keeping wolves from the door.

You’re on the final chapter, soon you’ll know what’s happened, and you turn the last page…


What the hell!  No, that can’t be, but what about?  And how did she?

The End!

There you are with so many unanswered questions. I don’t know about you, but for me a rushed ending has me tossing the book aside, and reaching for a new author.

I can’t believe the author hasn’t taken their time to think the ending through carefully.

That’s why I’m adding another chapter, and not rushing the ending.

Yes, it’s great to say you’ve finished your novel. That you’ve edited it within an inch of its life, and its ready to send off to the agent/ publisher, but ask yourself this…

Is your book really finished?

Have you thought the ending out carefully and made it the best that you can? When you start a novel or short story, we are told it must have a hook to reel the reader in and hold their interest.

But what about the ending? Is that not just as important? So remember it’s great to finish your novel, to have it ready to send off, to write ‘the end’ but before you do, just read through the last three chapters again, and ask yourself, is it as good as the beginning?

Write without Fear
Write without Fear

Will I have my readers wanting to read my next novel?

You also need to remember  there’s a saying that goes ‘A writer is only as good as their last book.’

Have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.


    1. Thank you for dropping by Flighty. I’ve been so busy writing, I’m sorry I haven’t dropped by yours to see what you’ve been up to just lately. Hope all is well on the allotment.


    1. Thank you BTA. The ending is coming together nicely, but you always wonder whether it could be better. There’s work to be done but I feel I’m heading in the right direction.
      Hope all is well with you.


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