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Woke this morning at 4.00, when I didn’t have to… 😦  though my son needs picking up at 4.30 tomorrow morning. After I couldn’t get back sleep, my mind started work on my novel.

I’ve recently had some interesting and promising news, which a few of my friends know about, but I haven’t posted yet. So if I’m little behind on up-dating my blog please forgive me, as I’m trying to stay focused on my writing.

After getting up and creeping out of the bedroom without waking my husband, I went downstairs to made myself a drink and then hit the keyboard.

I have eight remaining chapters that are in need of reworking. I’ve been busy this morning plotting out and edited three of the remaining ones, which need a great deal of work on them to bring the end of the book up to the high standard of the beginning of my novel.
Why is it your minor character always throw a spanner in the works when you get into a flow?
James’ gardener had strict instruction what he had to do in the garden.  Bill Jarman called James away from his work to question him about a problem he has with an old grave in the rectory garden.  Now I’m checking out dead bodies on the internet to help my main character with a huge problem he hasn’t thought through carefully. 😦
Pleased be warned, not to mess with me. I’m know more than most about the best way to get rid of unwanted bodies.

Another World.... Gravel Pit
Another World…. Gravel Pit

BTW… Ana and I have an ideal place on our doorstep… As beautiful as this looks its a lake of quick sand. 🙂

Nice, ain’t it LOL

Have a great weekend writing and I hope your characters allow you to stay focused on your plot.

Keep on believing,

Paula R C


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