Through the leaves
Through the leaves

One can never be sure when a moment of promise will strike. We go about our daily life expecting the unexpected. Mostly expecting the worst. But what if we stopped ourselves from thinking the negative and looked upon it as a moment of promise, a moment when the impossible could happen.

Yesterday, I received an email that could change my life, made a dream come true. As I pondered the meaning behind the email late into the night, I played out the many different scenarios. Most of them seemed to err on the side of caution.

Surely there comes a time in one’s life when we should jump at the change to throw caution to the wind.

What can go wrong?

What I mean to say is this isn’t a life or death scenario. I’m not hanging by my teeth off a burning building trying to make up my mind whether to hang on or jump.

Most published writers who now are big household names stood where I’m standing. Do I step forward and take a risk or staying standing, hoping that someone discovers me.

My heart tells me to take a chance, to make my dream happen, because life is all about get something done rather than waiting for something to happen.

My head tells me to hang on, wait for the next boat because it could be bigger and better

Do you see what I mean about ‘a moment of promise’?

Is bigger & better always the best. Isn’t there a saying about from little acorns 🙂

Have a great bank holiday weekend,

Paula R. C.


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