Stay postiveWhen I took up writing I knew I would have to grow a thick skin. Get tough. That Rejection would become part of my writing career. What I didn’t realise is rejection can be a good thing too.

After having had plenty of my short stories rejected over the time I’ve been writing, I’ve learnt that taking another close look at them can be a good thing.  Having some space between writing them and suffering rejection gives you the chance to take a fresh look at your work.

Today I received a good rejection from Curtis Brown Group after I sent in my submission back in January. In the guideline, it said that it would take 6 to eight weeks, so when I hadn’t heard anything I just marked it off my list as ‘No Luck’

Rejection to be a writerToday I received an email from them saying.  Dear Paula,  Thank you for sending me Stone Angels. While I enjoyed reading your submission, which stood out from the many we receive, I’m afraid I didn’t feel enthusiastic enough about the material to
take it further. I’m sorry to be writing with disappointing news, but thank
you for giving me the opportunity to consider your material and I wish you
every success with your writing.

Now I could’ve read it as a straight rejection and just delete, but I choose to see it as something more positive especially as I had already marked it as being rejected.

In my line of business one has to be positive. Onwards and upwards is the only way to go.

Have a great weekend.

Paula R. C.


  1. I just got a rejection email from CB that said the exact same thing, googled it and found your post! We’re both the recipients of a cut and paste job : (


    1. Damian, look upon it as a positive thing and we may find our books standing shoulder to shoulder on a bookshelf soon. 🙂


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