Me 2 yrs
Me 2 yrs.

While ‘Dylan’ was singing the times were a-changin’ I was a very young child and knew nothing about what had come before.

Look back now, one can see how much the world has changed. Of course, all generation before and after me will have their own huge changes whether brought about by war, science, or technology.

As a child I grew up in a tied cottage. My father worked as a miller for one of the biggest landowners in the area at that time.  Born just at the end of rationing I suppose I came into the world just at the right time.

As the ‘Who’ sang about their ‘Generation’ bring about huge changes to the world, I do wonder whether we have moved forwards or backwards. Have things got better for human kind or has the planet suffered more because of us and our human rights?

Female Sparrow
Female Sparrow

Here we are a generation of recyclers trying to save the planet for all ‘Life on Earth’ but my thoughts always return to a film, Douglas Trumbull: Silent Running (1972) which had massive impact on my way of viewing our attitudes toward the natural world around us.

Are we as a race running at high speed before we can walk?

With such creatures as Rhinos and Elephants on the endangered list along with many others  I worry that maybe we have left it all too late to save our planet. As main character in ‘Silent Running, Freeman Lowell says ‘Not enough people care’ as he fought to save what was left of his natural world store on the last of three spaceships.

I’m not expert and I don’t claim to have the answers, but I do think too many of us shout about our rights to ‘have’ without putting the natural world first. Without it this planet would be a rock spinning through space. Just another moon, empty and desolate.

As I sit here writing, outside my window I can hear the birds singing and moving around under the eaves of my house. As a child growing up in the 60’s the humble, little house sparrows were common birds. I used to see flocks of them outside my home when I grew up at the mill. They were always around when a new load of grain was delivered to the mill, gathering up the spilled wheat.

My husband and I call the ones that living under our eaves the gang of ten, though there are more than ten of them :-). Once found from city’s centres to farmland all over Britain and across the world, this dull little brown bird  is now on the RSPB red status list as its population has dropped by 71 per cent between 1977 & 2008.

Both this male & female come from our gang of ten
Both this male & female come from our gang of ten

No longer is it found in our cities and as more farmland is sold off for housing so its population will continue to decline.

With the human population growing and spread across all lands around the world as our technology helps us to live longer and feeds us we are taking up more of the natural world’s space on this planet.

We have to ask ourselves are we running silently towards destroying the beauty that surrounds us without looking back.

Have a thoughtful weekend,

Paula R C


  1. I love spuggies. You’ll be happy to know in our yard we have a pair we call the drainpipe spuggies that breed every year, living quite happily alongside our blackbird family. They got a little grumpy when our slate roof was replace 2 years ago (with new slate), but are back now. The blackbird and the sparrows gang up on any other birds thinking of moving in, which can be quite something to see! Our yard is quite small though, so can only sustain a few birds, really glad we left it grassed and with clematis, honeysuckle and ivy going rampant!

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