The path through the wood
The path through the wood

This posting isn’t really going to be about writing, though while out walking I do find my thoughts are on the search of inspiration. My friend Ana and I have new cameras. Yes, I know that isn’t exactly exciting news for you, but it is for us.

Too often we’ve seen things while out walking we’ve wanted to photograph and the shot has been beyond the reach of our cameras.  It got to the point where we stopped bothering to try to get a picture knowing it was just wasting our time to even try.

Out of focused pictures are such a disappointment.

Long tailed Tit
Long tailed Tit

With the arrival of our new cameras a whole new world has been opened up to us. Now we can look to the treetops and onto the far horizons to capture birds and animals we’ve just enjoyed in a fleeting moment. This isn’t to say we haven’t suffer some disappointments. 🙂 We’ve found we not quite quick enough focusing and clicking to get the shot we hoped for. On Monday, we missed a swan flying a low level out of the mist before our very eyes, while we were focusing on a robin sitting on a hedge.

Since having the new cameras  it’s been foggy every morning when we’ve set off on our walks around our village. It’s just a pity that they don’t have a fog setting. LOL

May after all this posting is a metaphor writer’s block. If you find that your writing mind has ground to a halt and inspiration is just beyond your reach. You could try turning to a new page, or opening a new document and try looking at it from another point of view. Sometimes to step out of the fog that clouds our minds we need to look at the problem from a fresh new angle and work backwards to join up the dots.


Ana and I have found that even though we are walking paths we’ve walked hundreds of times before we are finding new and exciting things to photo, not just in this new awakening season, but because our cameras have given us a new eye on the natural world around us.

(To see pictures in detail, please click on them to enlarge)

Have a great weekend writing.


Paula R.C.

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