Artist at workI would never have believed that there is such a thin line between creativity and being at a stand still.  After kick starting the new year and going with the flow of my novel, I found myself grinding to a halt in February, though this wasn’t due to writer’s block.

Life is a killer.

Okay, yes that statement may seem a little OTT, but it’s true.

For me, a few things happened that killed my creative. To start with my adult son need to come home. His life decided to take a U-turn just when we thought it was flowing in the right direction. Having turned his old bedroom into my art and sew room I had to stop writing and take time out to rehome everything around the house.

I didn’t want my son to feel unwelcome, after all it is his home and always will be, but this meant I found myself switching from writer mode back into mothering mode. As my son doesn’t drive and we live in a village I needed to be awake at 3.50 most mornings to take him into work for 4.30.  This left me feeling unsettled and unable to stay focused on my novel.  Then another things started to nudge their way into my mind too. My uncle wanted a painting done from an old photograph which took me a couple of days to drawing and paint. Then I started to think about what needing to be done in the garden, so you can see how quickly the balance of things can be upset by a few small changes.

Finally, I’m getting my mojo back. Yesterday, I managed to finish a short story I had been playing around with, which help me to get back into my writing. After print it off and taking over to my friend, Joan to cast her eye over it I managed to get a few other household jobs finished too.  This morning after running my son into work, I’ve had nothing to worry about, but my novel.

One other thing before I go, I wonder sometimes whether we put too many pressure on ourselves, setting our goals too high.

Two of my wonderful writing friends shared their amazing news with us. One writer who I’ve follow her progress for many years, has just published her hundredth short story while the other has just started out on her writing journey by being shortlisted in a competition with her first novel.  Though, it isn’t natural for me to be envious in their success as I know how hard one must work to be successful writer and I’m so very pleased for them both, but still a little voice within me wishes it was me. I know it’s silly I have in the past shared my own successes with them.

It that feel one must keep moving the goalposts and not resting on your laurels. As I’ve had only short stories published my goal is to get my novel published, which is why these few wasted weeks hit me so hard, but hopeful I’m over it now and I can settle back into finishing my novel with no more upsets.boby in boot

Now my only problem is getting the body of the woman out of the boot of the car so my artist can start work on his 5th painting.

Just another day in the life of a writer 🙂

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C






  1. I know just what you mean, Paula, about the thin line. It took me ages at the start of the year to settle back into writing after a longish holiday and then getting used to a new laptop followed by domestic disruptions (of our own making). It must be harder when unsettling happenings are thrust upon you. Those early morning starts must be crippling. Hope you are power-napping later in the day. Good luck in getting the body out of the boot!

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  2. Thank you for your comment, Christine. Hope your writing is flowing nicely too. Isn’t it madding when it doesn’t. I was feeling so positive about finding my first draft by the end of this month. Oh, I too hate the thought of getting use to another computer if anything was to happen to mine. (icy chills down my back) I’m starting to get use to the early mornings and fitting them into my writing plan. To make up for them by going to bed early, though I’m missing out on my reading. Today, James is much happier, though he’s upset that things haven’t gone according to plan 🙂


    1. Thank you Flighty for dropping by and leaving a comment. I hope the weather is kind to you this weekend. I’m sure you are ready to start work on your allotment


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