on the edgeReaching the half way mark in writing my latest novel hasn’t been an easy climb. This may be because I’m editing as I’m going along.

After writing two other novels where I’ve edited at the end of writing them it came a long and tedious job, which I lost heart with.

Yes, at that time I found the whole process of writing hard work even though I enjoyed it. Writing my first novel took me three years to write and it went through many edits and still isn’t really finished. My second novel didn’t take as long to write, but went through many drafts and redrafting, but in the end I grew tired and disappointed with the end result.

Writing my latest novel has been a joy on many levels. Firstly, I have the skills and the confidence in my ability to write. I have learnt how to write a details synopsis which has helped me to plan this novel out so I have some idea where the story is taking me. With my first two novels I was wandering around in the wilderness, which basically meant I got lost and couldn’t find my way back. 😦

I think the best thing about my latest novel is the simple fact the idea for the novel was born out of a short story. Having something complete to work from helps you to focus in on who your main characters are, whose voice you will use to tell the story and where its journey will take your characters.

The idea behind my next novel has come from another short story I enjoyed writing. I had entered it into a competition but had no success with it. I enjoyed writing it and fell in love with the characters. While working on it and it was 8k words long, I felt I could easily turn it into a novel at the time I wrote.

So if you are having problems writing your novel, put it aside and take a look at one of your completed short stories.  Could you use it to write a new novel?  Don’t worry about the unfinished one, because you can always return to it at a later date. Remember nothing is wasted when you’re a writer. I have just 10 chapters to finish on my novel now and can’t wait to finish it now the end is insight.

Catch up with you again soon.

Happy writing.

Paula R C


  1. Congrats on reaching that point in your novel, it’s such an achievement!

    I seem to be mirroring your progress, albeit a little way behind. I have 2 novels in draft that I’m not satisfied with and have lost heart with editing. The third one I’m working on now has been developed from a character in a short story I’ve written, and whilst I’m only at the start of the process (about 5,000 – I did a lot of development & planning before committing to the story writing), this one feels different, much more controlled and I’m much happier with what I’m producing. I’m also finding a way of working that works for me – I write scenes longhand, then edit them when I type them up at the end of the week so there’s a constant flow of work.

    Hope it keeps flowing.


  2. Good wishes for those final 10 chapters, Paula. Interesting that your current novel has its origins in a short story. I like to recycle characters. The main character in my novel (currently undergoing a plodding rewrite) originated in a short story. Ideas for another novel are bubbling up from a story I wrote some years ago.


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