Lichen and Moss on a fence taken while I was out walking.
Lichen and Moss on a fence taken while I was out walking.

Hey, don’t panic I’m not giving up on my dream. 🙂  I meant now the holiday season is over it’s back to work. My husband went back yesterday, while I had a friend over for the day as we had planned a walking day. This morning I had the dentist and a few household chores needing to be done.

That’s the funny thing, about writing and working from home a few people I know don’t see my writing as work or a job as such. Well, I suppose it’s true, I don’t make money from it as such. Who in their right mind would work 24/7 for nothing!

Writing is an art. To become a great writer one must serve one’s apprenticeship just like any other craftsmen/women. The way I see it we all have to start somewhere. For the last few years I’ve been busy learning all the skills I need to begin to make money from my work.

This year is the beginning of the next stage in my ten year plan to become a successful writer. As we all know there is no such thing as an ‘overnight success’ in writing.

Too many drafts, rewrites and edits in the art for anyone to be an ‘overnight’ bestseller 🙂

My dear friend, Joan brought back the Critiquing report I had done on my novel. She was as excited as I was when I read it.

To be told, ‘there’s a wonderful quality to the writing, a maturity and a great sense of tension that lives between the lines of the narrative’ is amazing and makes all my hard work worth it.  Yes there were part that need looking at and the rest of the novel needs finishing, but at least I know where I’m going and I’m on track.

As Joan and I stood chatting in my hallway, she said that since becoming my proof-reader she has learnt about the many different processes a book goes through to get published.  I hadn’t really understood that this writing journey I’m on was shared with others around me. Of course, I knew I wasn’t alone as my supportive husband, Russell had joined me on my quest by allowing me to finish working full-time in a factory and work at home for myself. So Joan’s words came as a big surprise.

My dear neighbour, Joan is an avid reader  and was kind enough to agree to read my early work and to point out whether my work was rubbish or engaging. She knew I need to know the truth no matter how much it might hurt. Being a Yorkshire lass, she did just that and has been a great help in my development.

As we chatted on, she told me that she has leant much from me too and explained that when she’s chatting with her friends she had to explain to them what a synopsis is, and what is meant by critiquing.

Laughing, she finished by saying how much she wanted to see my novel not only published but made into a film, so she could buy a posh frock to wear at the premiere. 🙂  How I wish I could make her dream come true, just so I can thank her for the time, honesty and faith she has in my ability to write a best selling novel.

Thank you, Joan, you’re a star!

Fungi & Lichen on a tree taken while I was out walking.
Fungi & Lichen on a tree taken while I was out walking.

So now the time has come to get my head down, my writer’s hat on and put in the hours.

Have a great week whatever your plans are.

Paula R. C.





  1. I’m relieved to get back to normal and know what day of the week it is! It’s good to see how much you appreciate your friend Joan.
    Thanks, and you too. xx


  2. Joan sounds lovely.

    I gave up work last May, to take 2/3 years or so to write, much like yourself. Yesterday I met my mum for lunch. Virtually her first question was ‘Have you thought about getting a proper job yet this year?’. I find this really dispiriting – like you I *have* a job, it’s just I’m at the start of it and not financially rewarded – and may never be, which I ultimately don’t mind. It’s making me a much better writer. It wasn’t a small decision to do this – it was weeks of serious discussion with my husband and rejigging finances to allow me this space, which he totally wants me to have.

    Have a great 2015 writing year.


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