Fungi found on my morning walk.
Fungi found on my morning walk.

Yesterday, I started decluttering of my house by tidying my wardrobe. My plan for this year not only includes finishing my novel, but clearing my house of rubbish.

What I mean by rubbish is sort that can to taken to the charity shop or rehomed. Books, clothes and unused kitchen or household goods. Now this may seem odd to you, but I see it as making a clean sweep of my home to lightening the load, and decluttering the mind too. Hopefully, less house work too.

Too often one can get bog down with material goods and unnecessary belongings. I have a personally rule, if I haven’t worn it, used it or read it, then I’m never going too, so it has to go.

This makes room for new things too. Too often in the morning I reach for the same old outfit, never trying on something different so I like have a good sort through all my clothes and see what new outfit I can put together, with things lurking in the wardrobe already. This also stop me buy something I don’t need as I put together a complete outfit which include shoes and handbag too.

When I do need something to going out for a special occasion I already know what I’ve in my wardrobe. As a writer it is helpful to have a good sort through what you have on your computer too. To read through incomplete stories or novels. Decluttering your desk top, and sort out your reference books can helps to refresh your mind in many ways too. A half finished story make be kicked in to something amazing.

I found this while sorting through my clothes as I was about to add two unworn garments to the charity shop bag. An odd grey jacket which had been an impulse buy sometime ago, I put together with an unworn pair of trousers I’d had for years which I thought I would never wear again. Putting the two together, with a new pale mauve top, I create a new outfit.  They match perfectly to a new pair of soft grey shoes I have.

Wonderful!  As a writer who isn’t making much money from my writing yet, this means a saving for my hard-working husband. Also, hopefully when the next book launch happens I won’t have to waste my valuable writing time hunting around the shops for something new to wear as I know already what I had in my wardrobe 🙂

'Eye on the World' taken by me while out walking.
‘Eye on the World’ taken by me while out walking.

Just as I know what stories I have available on my computer should a competition catch my eye during this new year.

Decluttering  helps you to be organised for any situation which may come up.

Have a great  New Year,

Paula R. C.


  1. We have obviously been on the same wavelength! I really take on board what you say about sorting out both the wardrobe and the half written scraps of story. Like you, I’m not earning much and while my husband never says much when the bags enter the house, I have to really rationalise my clothes buying now. I do have lovely things in my wardrobe that never get worn, stupidly because I think they are too good for everyday wear – which is pointless. That’s next on my ‘sort out’ plan (Friday being the day assigned).

    I’ve got a couple of comps in mind to enter over the next month (one with New Writing North, the other Mslexia), one is already sorted but the second I’m struggling with so think I’ll spend some time tomorrow looking through the fragments on my hard drive 🙂


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