Clint FilmmakerOkay, now don’t get excited, but the ‘Clint Eastwood’  is going to make my novel into a film!

Yes, I know… but last night I dreamt it. 🙂

I waited until after twelve o’clock to tell you, guys to make it come true.

Yes, I know he’s getting on a bit, but I’m sure he’s still up to it.  Ok, so the book isn’t quite finished yet, but if I work hard over the next few months it should be ready to start sending it out to agents and publishers in the new year.

Then  who knows what would happen next.

A girl’s got to keep on believing anything is possible.

Right now to get back to work.

Chapter 15 coming up!

Paula R. C.

P.s If you do drop by and read this, Mr Eastwood. I think you look great for your age. Oh, and I love your films too. 😉

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