Once upon a timeSorry I haven’t been around, but I’ve been busy working on my novel. As the night draws in and the mornings seem darker once again, I find I’m able to stay focused, so I don’t want to waste my valuable writing time.

I’ve set myself a deadline in which I want to complete my novel.

Yesterday, while working on a new chapter I had to stop and do some research. This took up time. Yes, I guess I could just make it up, or slip in a few question marks and come back to it at a later date.  I can’t do that, I have to know. I’m too young to really know what life was like living in the 1960’s, but I do know it was an interesting time to be young.

It was a time of great changes, and for the first time the youngsters had their own money to spend on their own fashion styles, pop music and even art.

The main stumbling block I had yesterday was finding out about policing in the 1960’s. It was suggested to me I could just make things up because most readers wouldn’t know if it was correct or not. I know as a reader myself I don’t check things out, because I’m too interested in the plot, but somehow I can’t deceive my own readers. I want to know what I’m writing is correct even though I’m writing a work of fiction.

Do you check things out if you’re reading fiction, or doesn’t it matter to you? Every oneI’ve now sorted out my problem so I’m back on track.

I’ve also had a couple of new ideas that I can weave into my story, which is great, though I must make sure I don’t get side-tracked.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C


  1. I wondered where you’d been, Paula. Thought there must have been another Goth festival somewhere. Good luck with the novel. As long as you don’t make any glaring errors I think you’ll be o.k.


    1. Thank you Keith. Yes, we were at a Goth Festival. I would rather do a bit of research and know I have taken the trouble to find out than not bother at all. I hope you are still busy with your writing too.


  2. Hi Paula I haven’t commented for a while but I read most of your posts. Glad that you are back on track with the novel. I do occasionally check up on certain things in novels, often dates of events in decades I remember. And this is simply to satisfy myself not to feel pleased about spotting a mistake (often it’s my memory that’s fault). When I read a novel I do have an expectation that the writer has done their best to get facts correct. I like to feel that I’m in a safe pair of hands and can relax into reading. I do remember the 60s but know little about policing in that decade. Good luck!


    1. Thank you, Christine for posting a comment and reading my postings. Like you, I like to feel the writer has gone the trouble of studying their subject, especially if they are writing a historic novel.


  3. I was at the festival too! When I read I tend not to check the historical accuracy of what I’m reading, though occasionally somethings do jar. I’ve recently been reading a lot of pre / post WW2 noir (Dan Vyleta in particular), and while I love the physical descriptions of another time and p;ace I wouldn’t generally have a clue what is accurate! That said, reading the novels postscripts is often quite illuminating about the author’s own perception & research of the time.

    I’ve been doing some short courses based in local museums where we’ve been ‘writing the first world war’. It’s been really interesting, just touching artefacts from that period (I couldn’t believe how heavy shell casings from the time were), and writing short fiction based on the exhibitions. I’m developing a whole novel based in that time, and like you, I’ve found the research element has provided some surprising new story / plot lines.

    You are doing brilliantly well with the word count, I am in awe…I have one last workshop on the River Tyne & the Great War, next Wednesday and then my actual novel writing begins in earnest. Must do a blog post about some of the visits I’ve been doing…thanks for inspiring me!


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment BTA. The First World War is a very interesting time on many levels. It brought around huge changes in women lives too. Writing a novel takes time. At the moment I’m still editing as I go along. With my first two novels I didn’t and at the end I started to lose heart at the thought of having to go back through it all again. I’m hoping this time it won’t be so daunting. Good luck with yours.

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