There has been many times when I have doubted my ability, but one has always got to keep on believing in oneself. This is tough when everything to do with getting one’s work published takes so much time and nothing happens overnight.

As the title of my blog tells you, I’ve had mostly short stories published, this has been because I’ve wanted to take each step of my new career in life slowly, to learn all I can along the way.

This morning when I switched on my laptop and checked my email, I had a lovely surprise. I have been sent a copy of the poster advertising  the book launch of Parthian Books Gothic anthology A Flock of Shadows which I’ve been lucky enough to have one of my short stories published in.

A Flock Of Shadows
A Flock Of Shadows

If you are out and about in Swansea, Wales on the 30th October,  hopefully you will drop by and say hello.  Better still you will stop and join us for the evening.

This is the result of many hours of writing, editing, and re-writing. My name may not be on the cover yet, but my short dark crime story is inside.  Write a novel takes time, but at least while I’m waiting I’ve got another story published. 🙂

Remember keep on follow your heart. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Have a great weekend.


Paula R C


      1. I did drop by but I wasn’t sure you had updated your site as your last posting was in September. It sound like you’ve had a tough time.


      2. I only updated the ‘assorted health tips’ page. Still going through a tough time with my health condition, which is why I haven’t posted much. But thanks for visiting. 🙂


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