Richard & Dylan thomasAfter a bad start to my day, with the washing machine deciding to give up the ghost, I managed to book into a B&B for one night in Swansea with no problems.

On Wednesday I had an email from Parthian Books asking me if I would come to the launch of their Gothic Anthology  and do a reading to help celebrate the launch with them.

While I’m excited at the thought of my gothic crime story being one of the thirteen stories that they selected for their anthology, I’m nervous about standing in front of a crowd and reading part of my story aloud.

This is the third time I had been asked to read one of my stories aloud, but each time in the past I’ve lost my nerves and couldn’t do it.

The last time it happened, I made a promise to myself that I would overcome my fear by facing it head on. The next time someone asked I would do it.

So I’m going to look upon the evening as a learning curve, an opportunity to learn a new skill for my future as a writer. So when the time comes when I’m asked by my publisher to read for my debut novel to do a reading, I can with ease and pleasure.

As I stand in Mozarts in Swansea I should remember I’m following in footsteps of the great Dylan Thomas and Richard Burton, both wonderful wordsmiths.

If I stay calm and keep a clear mind I can do it. I bet they were a little nervous when they  read aloud for the first time too.Snoopy the writer 2

Have a great weekend,

Paula R. C.



  1. Deep breaths, Paula! What a lovely thing to be asked, and such an honour. Why don’t you record yourself reading it aloud? As many times as you need, then you can mark the bits where you stumble and see what adjustments you need to do. It’ll give you confidence – and I know you can do it! x


    1. Thank you Nicola for your vote of confidence. I have a digital recorder that I use while I’m writing so I shall use it to listen to myself reading aloud. Today I had some friends listen to me reading aloud and it went quite well. Now I just need to do it for fifty odd people in a busy bar in Swansea. Gosh, I hope there won’t be more than a hundred 😦


  2. I manage public speaking by pretending to be someone else, in other words: Act the part of a successful writer! And remember, you are the world’s expert on YOUR writing, nobody else is as knowledgeable as you are on that topic. And World Experts are always welcome and revered!


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