XmasI’ve just had an email about my writing friends’ Christmas meal. This has got me thinking about Christmas.  No matter how much you try to put off that expensive time of the year it still keeps coming round again.  Every year it seems to come quicker too.

I’m not one for big fancy presents or gifts, I’m a simple girl with simple taste. A two book contract is high on my Christmas list as it has been for the last five years.  🙂

Some of you may feel my dear husband gets off lightly not having to rush about at the last minute trying to come up with a wonderful, unexpected prezzie for me, but the way I see it is he works hard enough keeping me at home,  so I can  follow my dream, to have him buying me something I don’t need.

As he is quick to point out, the only person who can get me the book contract is me, so he’s doing his bit by giving me the opportunity to be at home 24/7.

But what about him, what do he get out of this arrangement?

I think he does very well out of it. 🙂  He has a lovely clean home, freshly ironed shirts, yummy cakes and bread, dinner on the table, and most importantly no stress and a happy wife.

What more could a man ask for?

Lucky for us, we are in a position in life if we want or need anything we can buy it, so for us Christmas is a time to catch up with family and friends, a time for sharing with others rather than buying gifts for each other.

So I guess I should start thinking about sorting out the Christmas cards and writing the newsletter soon, though I could wait a couple more weeks, I suppose.

What do you think?  Christmas Snoopy

Best wishes,

Paula R C

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