Make things happenThe thing I love best about become a writer is those unexpected pleasures. Staring at a blank screen and writing the first words of a story whether its a novel or a short. It’s the not knowing what will come next.

We are told that if you want something to happen, you must make it happen. Well, three years ago my husband and I decided that it was a good time for me to take up writing full-time. With just a few small successes under my belt, some saw this as a crazy thing to do, but as the company I was working for were making cutbacks and offered the chance to take voluntary redundancy, it seemed the right moment to go for it.  Sometimes you have to take a gamble and follow your heart.

While some may see my successes as small fry when it comes to publishing success, to me I’m still amazed and shocked by have far I’ve come after leaving school with no qualifications. Taking small steps is helping me to build my confidence as I move slowly towards my ultimate goal.

This week has been exciting for me in more than one way, re last posting, but never in a million years would I ever believe I would receive not one, but two emails in one week telling me two of my short stories will be published. It’s amazing!

Hopefully, this is a taste of things to come as all my hard work and determination pays off. Keep following your dream, work hard and you too, can make things happen.

Have a great week,

Paula R C


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