Death Comes SilentlyToday while I was busy editing my latest short story, I was called away from my keyboard by forces unknown. As I looked down from my back bedroom window I saw a large bird in my garden.

I hurried back to my writing room and grabbed the camera. As I made my way down to the kitchen, I checked to make sure that this time I had it on the right setting. Years ago, in my excited I hadn’t and wasn’t able to get a great shot.

The bird was a goshawk. It sat in the middle of my lawn, tearing the feathers off a pigeon to make it light enough to carry off so it could feed on.

After my husband had return from car booting, I spotted our cat lying in the garden, playing with something.  As I walked up to her I became aware that it was still alive.

I was shocked to find she had a Jenny wren and snatched it away from her.  all its tail feathers were missing. I placed it in the wild bird seed bucket to see if it would survive. Its eyes were closed, feet curled up and it was shaking. The poor thing looked as though its was way out. I brought it up to my writing room to keep an eye on it.

On taking a closer look I saw it had a tic just under its eye. These horrible things suck the blood out of its host. Very carefully I pulled it off. Then getting a dropper I gave the poor little wren some drops of water and mashed up mealworm soup and waited.

Three hours later, it was sitting on the side of the bucket wanting to be set free. Jenny Wren

The little wren flew from my writing room down onto the front lawn and disappeared into the hedge. It made my day to see it back in the wild, and hopefully living to see another day.

Have a great week,

Paula R C.


  1. Goshawks are magnificent birds aren’t they. A heron landed in our garden a while back, but in all the shouting of “Heron, heron” whilst running for cameras it flew straight off again! I’m so glad you rescued the wren, what a lovely story. Good luck with the writing, it’s something I’d like to try soon, articles rather than short stories at the moment, but it’s quite a daunting thing to start. CJ xx


    1. Like you CJ I have too many things I like to do, but not enough hours in the day. You have many wonderful pictures on your blog and ideas too.

      Thank you for visiting mine and leaving a comment.


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