Learning to flyI’ve always tried to be a positive person, always believing there’s goodness everywhere if you just look for it, but sometimes it is hard to see it, and believe in it, when you have a ghost pulling at a chain they’ve fastened your heart since you were small.

Bitterness is a destructive thing.

No matter how hard I try to bury it, every now and again, it resurfaces once more to rub me raw.

Most of the time, I try to deal with it as best I can, but when you have a troublesome ghost that howls and wails and keeps yanking at the chain to your heart it becomes unbearable at times.
I think the secret to dealing with troublesome ghost is to take away their power, to focus on something new, something which is bigger than them. To let them go and rattle their chains somewhere else.

I’m beginning to understand that I must let go of the things I cannot changes. No matter how much I want to bring around a magical change in the ghost’s life and set them free of the chains which bind us both together, but it’s just not going to happen as they are at their happiest rattling and wailing where it just makes me sad. So I must free myself and stand strong or become a shadow hiding in the dark forever.

Today I heard two pieces of good news, but this was overshadowed by the ghost.

For a moment, I was floored once again, and made to feel very small, but somehow I dug deep into myself and stepped away from the edge for the last time.

Suddenly, I wanted to grow wings and learn how to fly 🙂

The good news I heard is that I’m having another short story published in a book, a real book. Soon you will find me in an anthology the Best of CafeLit 2013

Have a great weekend all, I know I will as I put my flying plan into action and finish another short story.

Onwards and upwards,  the sky is the limit…

Paula R C


  1. I’m sure that we can all relate to this post in one way or another, I know that I certainly can.
    Well done on having a story included in an anthology.
    Thanks, and you too. xx


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