More questions than answers
More questions than answers

As writers we are taught to ask ourselves the question, ‘what if?’
Well today, my husband, Russell and I went to a car boot. While we were there, he bought a watch which I have now pinched because on the face it says ‘More questions than answers’.

Don’t you think, this watch is ideal for a writer as there are more questions we have to ask ourselves than just what if?

There’s whether we should write from first or third point of view? How long should each chapter be? Should I write romance or horror?

The list is endless.

The most important thing, I think is to keep put one word in front of another and don’t give up until you reach the end.

If you find yourself asking more questions then that is a good thing, but just remember to make sure when you do get to the end of your story, you have tied up all the loose ends.


Have a great week.

BTW, if you have found yourself humming that tune and are wondering what song had more questions than answers

here’s the answer

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