FoxyToday I’m off to the local chapter of the RNA. Though I’m not a member, Maggie Ford is so I shall be going as a guest after picking her up from her home and running her in. We had a great day yesterday at Maggie’s (Ivy’s) writing group. There just four of us so we get to read out our work and chat about the improve we can make.

It works well for us. I enjoy hearing how our work develops through our shared ideas. Even a well published writer like Maggie enjoys bouncing her ideas off others.

I know it is all very confusing with Ivy’s (Elizabeth Lord) (Maggie Ford) new name changes.

Ivy wasn’t allowed to use her real name when she was first published as Ivy was deemed to be too old fashioned, so was given the name of Elizabeth Lord.

Now she has a new publisher they can’t use the name of Elizabeth so her name was changed to Maggie Lord, but in America they are fussy about using the word ‘Lord’ because of its religion links so her surname was changed from Lord to Ford.

So you see when you write a book and become a published writer you might have to change your name too.

I wonder who I might have to become if I’m lucky enough to have my book snapped up. I quite like the idea of being P.R.C Readman Crime Writer!

The photo is one of the fox clubs from Debz’s parents garden.

As I have been busy these last few days my friend Ana and I haven’t been able to get together for a walk, but we hope to on Saturday. I’m hoping for better weather or at least a dry morning.

I’ve just re-edited chapter nine and shall be busy working on chapter ten.

Can’t wait! 🙂

Right must go and get ready. Have a great day.

Paula R C.

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  1. Interesting post. I think that if I was ever to become a published author that it would be under my real name. I hope that you have a good day. xx


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