Ivy & PaulaAs you all know I have been busy working on my third novel. Yesterday, I went to see my dear friend Ivy. She is an amazing lady. Next week I shall be going to the RNA summer party with her. If you would like to hear all about her life, how she started writing, her books and much, much more then click on this link and hear an interview she gave at one of local radio stations.

Yesterday, Ivy went through two of the chapters I’ve been working on to help me with the editing. She has a wonderful way of making you feel at easy and to see where improvements can be made. Over the time we had been friends, she has help me become the writer I am. I know I’m so lucky to have her help and encouragement.

This picture was taken last month when she asked if we could do a ‘Selfie’… LOL

Bless her.







    1. It is Flighty, Ivy is a great inspiration. Even at 86 she still get very excited about life and still makes plans for the future. It’s wonderful being around her, we always have plenty to chat about.


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