Google Yesterday I went to see my dear friend and fellow Author (Ivy) Maggie Ford. Ivy has been writing for many years and has recently been taken on by Random House.

She asked me if I would mind if she read through her recently finished chapters. I always enjoy listening to her reading her work aloud. She finds it a great  help as she doesn’t get the opportunity to have others listen to her work in progress.  Her latest book has just been accepted for publication by her publishers so she’s very excited.   She was kind enough to work through two of my chapters for me.

When Ivy and I get together it’s non stop chatter about writing and getting published. Being a seasoned writer, Ivy knows how much work must go into your work to get it published.

In the time, I’ve know her she has always taken the time to show me how to improve my work and has been very encouraging which has help me to have more faith in my ability.

In May, she’s invited me to go with her to the RNA summer party     I’m looking forward to that, though I’m not good at traveling in London. Too much of a country girl, but I enjoy meeting other writers.

This morning I’ve been busy editing the chapters Ivy looked at yesterday. It’s funny how a few little comments can make big changes to a sentence, or even a paragraph.

My good friend (Ivy) Maggie Ford
My good friend (Ivy) Maggie Ford

I’m now busy working on Chapter 7.

As my main character set off on a hunt for his next victim, I’ll untangle more of his past.

Yesterday, Ivy said, what she read made her skin crawl…

 Just hope I can work my magic in this new chapter too.  Scary is what I like!

Have a great weekend all,

Best wishes for Easter.


Paula R C.



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