Plight of the Rhino Launch
Plight of the Rhino Launch

Last year I was asked if I would write a short story to help save the rhinos… I found it hard to put into perspective the idea that by me sitting down and writing a wild life story in a English village could help save a race of animals as amazing and large as the Rhinoceros which roam across the African plans.

I’ve never been lucky enough to see one of these magnificent animals free and living in the wild, but to think that these creatures are being hunted to extinction in my lifetime is beyond my comprehension.

Greed is a terrible thing, but to think that man, for whatever reason, could destroy a species of animals, which has walked this planet longer that the human race, for all eternity is madness.

The reason I posting this is I would like you to help me, please, by buying a copy of the book The ‘Plight of the Rhino’.

From each sale a donate will be sent to Save the Rhino Org

Two Great new BooksHow simple is that… by purchasing a copy of the book you can help stop the destruction of not just one race of animal, but by helping the Rhino you could be save other amazing animals too.

That’s the awesome thing, when one species is saved it has a knock on effect.  Remember, we are in the food chain too, whether we like it or not . . .

Once all the wild life is gone,  who will be around to save us.

So I hope you will take a look and check out the book for yourself on Amazon or through your local bookshop.

You can buy it either as a hardcopy or as an EBook. The choice is yours.

So while you are enjoying a collection of extraordinary stories by international writers you are helping to keep a race of magnificent animals alive.

Thank you,

Paula R C.

P.s Just one more thing, if you do purchase the book, please, don’t forget to leave us a review, thank you.







  1. I find it so sad that we’re responsible for the probable extinction of so many animals. I will buy a copy of this book for a friend who despairs at the madness of it all, and she supports several good causes like this. xx


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