Internet google quoteMy plan this year was two fold. Get my third novel finished, and to enter as many writing competitions as I could.
But as another competition comes to a close and I receive an email to tell me I haven’t made the short list, I find my heart sinking and confidence slipping away.
Now reality tells me I can’t hope to win them all. The strong, positive part of me shouts ‘Why the hell not!’ What’s the point in entering, if not to win, but The meek and mild part says, it’s all about the taking part, having a go. At least, at the end of the day you have a story you can send out somewhere else.

It’s easy to rationalize my two conflicting feelings. I guess, it’s what make us human. The trouble is when I was at school, it was all about wining, not just taking part.

Your success in the world was all about your drive to improve yourself, to stand up and be counted for your achievements.   Whether this was A1 school reports, gold stars, cups or gold medals.

You had to be the best!

I, of course left school without any outstanding achievements and slipped into doing low paying, dead-end jobs.

When my son was at school, things became easier on the underachievers… It was all about the taking part. As a child, maybe this is a good thing, not to allow any child to feel left out as the class leaders achieve the gold stars, A1 reports etc.

The only problem with that is the drive to be the very best is lost, meaning it has a negative impact on the rest of their lives. Once out in the real world it is all about being the best you can be through hard work. Nothing comes easy, if you want to be the best, it takes determination, perseverance, patience and lots of hard work.

I may fail in all the competitions I’ve entered this year, but at least I know I’ve had a go. As the old lotto ad said, You have to be in it to win it.

If all else fails, I will still have 12 stories and one novel finished.

There is always another year, to try again.Google image Quote

To be the best is all about having a go, working hard at improving yourself and never, ever giving up.

I know, if I fail it all down to me. So I shall be taking another look at my work, and seeing if I can improve on what I wrote, and maybe trying a different market this time, i.e. a magazine or another competition.

Have a great day with your writing,

Paula R C.




  1. It really is about the taking part because, in the end, that’s all you can do and at least you put yourself out there. That willingness will pay off in the end! You just got to keep going forwards and pushing on 🙂


    1. Thank you, Harliqueen. You know what it’s like, you know you’re going to suffer rejection, but it still hurt when it happens. Best foot forward as my grandmother like to say. 🙂


  2. As a fledgling writer, I totally get where you’re coming from. The reject letters / emails pile up – BUT! Early on I had to have a little chat with myself about the fact that what floats my boat doesn’t work for everyone. And that’s ok. I write my way, and I submit what I think is my best work. Sometimes it’s connected with the person on the other end. Most times, not. Some of my rejections have included some excellent advice. I’m building up a bit of a skin about it, which has surprised me, as when I first started putting my work in public it was excruciating, like giving away part of my soul.

    You’ve done bloody brilliantly finishing a novel, plus 12 stories. I’m crawling towards the conclusion of my first novel in first draft mode. Only took 6 years…! I’m putting steps in place to give myself more writing time later in the year.

    Mind, I am thinking of a certain section in Stephen King’s On Writing where he does comment wryly about a magazine that told him his stories ‘aren’t quite us’ early on. Then would have kissed his feet to publish him subsequently.


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