P R C Readman

Last night on the Country file programme they were giving away free wild flower seeds for their viewers to sow.

The idea is we help our bees and butterflies in the same way as we help the birds by feeding them.

The seeds were all collected by Kew Gardens and were checked carefully to make sure they will grow. You had to give your post code and which part of the country you lived in, so that you are sent the right seeds to grow in your part.

If I’m lucky enough to get some of these wonderful seeds I shall post photographs to show you, how they grew and when I get my first visitors.

This photo was taken when my friend Ana and I go out walking around our village. We are lucky enough to see some wonderful hedgerows filled with wild flowers. I just hope that my grandchildren and great grandchildren will be as lucky as I am in the future.

If you have a space, no matter how small, send for your free seeds and spread the love for bees and butterflies by clicking on my links.

Have a great week.

Paula R C.

P.S just sent off another submission


  1. I grow a lot of flowers from seed for my garden, and I make sure they are all insect friendly. Love to encourage wildlife, and seeing as we as humans are taking away their habitats more and more, it’s only fair we do our bit to try and help!


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