Paula R C ReadmanThe thing I love most about writing is the editing. I enjoy seeing the story taking shape and growing. Now I’m working on my novel chapter by chapter I’m enjoying the process so much more.

Today, I’ve been a little bit stuck, while working on chapter 6 of my novel. I know what’s happening in the chapter and have written over 1k of it, but the opening wasn’t right. My sentences weren’t saying what I wanted them to say.

What I do is read it aloud into my digital voice recorder then play it back.  While reading it aloud if I trip up or a word jars. I stop and rewrite that sentence, then start again, reading it from the top. Once I can read the whole chapter without tripping up. I know, I’ve got right and I can move on.

To me, the most important thing about my work is getting the flow of the words right. If it doesn’t sound right, then it isn’t right.

I’ve posted on my computer a quote by the American writer, Robert B Parker: I think people like my books because they like the way the words sound.

I think this is true. If you choose your words with care you will make your characters come alive. You can’t have all your characters using the same words otherwise they will all sound the same.

Your words are your building blocks for your novel so great care must be taken with them. Remember some words are more powerful than others, so choose them carefully and make sure you like the way they sound too.

Have a great weekend,

Paula R C




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