Anton Chekhov

Dear Gods… Someone has just text me to say I should read a short story written by J K Rowling as it will turn us in to ‘Master Storytellers’.

I’ve just text back telling them they should read stories written by Steinbeck, Zweig, King or the master storyteller Anton Chekhov as this would be far more helpful.

J K may have made a fortune from her Harry books but this doesn’t make her a master storyteller. If that is the case then ’50 shades’ is a work of fine literature.

I’m very serious about my passion that’s why I read and read a lot from modern novels to great works of literature and most importantly I write and rewrite until my heart bleeds.

Thank you for letting me get that of my chest, dear readers,

Have a great week,

Paula R C


    1. Thank you, Dianna, I hadn’t heard of these three. So I shall check them out. I think it’s important to read a wide range of books if you are going to write.


  1. A wide range of reading is essential if you want to write but I can miss 50 Shades quite happily. Not read JK either but I am no into that genre so I know it would be painful. I don’t aim to write literature (serious material) yet…I may some day but I hope I don’t write trash either. Good luck.


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