YYou are a writeresterday, I was at my writing group run by my dear friend, Ivy.  A bright, young 86-year-old, who has been writing avidly since she was a mere 60-year-old after having her first novel published, and is now working her 27th novel.  Since being taken on by Random House publishers, she now writes under the name of Maggie Ford.

What I love about my writing group is we are small, and have time to talk to each other about what we are doing, but most importantly, for me anyway, is we are all serious about writing.

After finishing my first draft of my latest short story, I knew something wasn’t quite right, but you can’t always see what it is yourself. At the group, I read my story aloud. Together, Derek and Ivy said that the opening paragraph wasn’t right for the piece and the reasoning behind the first deaths didn’t make sense.

This morning, I hit the key with new excitement. As my mind reworded the opening sentence the tone of the voice in my head changed to a darker shade of grey.

WOW, the power of words.  Scary!

Hopefully, my protagonist will show me the reason behind her darker side more clearly today. I just hope I can keep her under control 😉

Paula R C

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