To live one’s dream you have to believe anything is possible. I think that’s the hardest part. Sometime it’s other people’s belief in you which give you the strength to keep believing in yourself.

what in a titleToday I’m off to the RNA Chelmsford meeting . I’m so glad the weather is going to be more peaceful, which is a relief as I wasn’t looking forward to battling my way through strong winds and rain.

Today, Mister Facebook wanted to know when I started working at ‘Me and my keyboard’ which is what I wrote in for my job on Facebook. 🙂 After taking redundancy I was very nervous about  whether I did the right thing.  Looking back now even after such a short time, I can see it was the right decision as it has opened up a world of new possibilities to me that I could have only dreamt about a few years ago.

Now I get to meet amazing people who like me once dreamt about having a book published and succeeded. I remember years ago reading about Sheila Norton in our local paper. I even kept the newspaper cutting as a reminder that anything is possible if you keep believing in your dreams. Today, I shall be meeting Sheila and the rest of the Essex Writers for chats and a meal.  Well, who would’ve believed that when a few years ago my ex work colleagues laughed at me when I said I was going to be a writer. Though, I’ve yet to have a novel published I’m far closer to succeeding than I ever thought possible and I know that one day soon I shall succeed in that dream too.

Have a great day,


    1. The RNA is the Romantic Novelists’ Association. though I don’t write romance myself, I write dark crime I was invited along as I live in the area and know one of the writers very well.
      The day was great and I enjoyed listening to all of the writers’ news and questions. I did feel a little out of the comfort zone.


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